Top Five Mascaras

Following a conversation on Twitter bemoaning the way that the Internet goes dead in August (because people are off doing much more interesting things!), someone suggested a few Top Fives as a way of recycling existing and already tested products. Product launches at this time of the year tend to drop off a little and I still want to provide regular daily updates, so as far as I can see, it’s a win. As you might imagine, I am sent a lot of product, but only keep for myself things that I know I have a use for (the rest is given away to friends, charities and used for fund-raising). In the same way that Mr BBB is completely mystified by my black trouser collection ( of COURSE they’re all different in some tiny, but very important way!) some people will be mystified by the fact that I keep five different mascaras. But these all have small differences that are important (in as much as a beauty product can be) to me. So, I’ll kick off:

Top Five Mascaras

My absolute top favourite is the most recent launch and it’s Dior Pump n Volume. The sell is that you can squeeze the middle to get more mascara onto the wand. Other than in testing for review, I have never, ever done this because it’s simply not needed. Plenty comes out on the wand without a squeeze, the brush is defining and separating, my lashes look intensely darker and certainly longer and it lasts. What more can I say? For my purposes, it’s the perfect mascara and no matter how many ‘free’ mascaras come my way, I would and will purchase in heartbeat, even at £22.95 (at Escentual HERE which is discounted from the high street price of £25.50).

Next up is Clinique Chubby Lash, notable for its big brush that doesn’t feel like you’re putting a massive insect up to your eye. It’s not a bushy brush – in fact, the Dior Pump is quite similar – so grabs and defines lashes, coating them with a very deep black shade, making them look longer and ‘fatter’ without clumping. Thinking about it, this mascara has never clumped even when I get to the end of a tube. I loved the Black Honey version (and still have one that I eke out even though they’re no longer available). It’s reliably volumizing without being over the top. Chubby Lash is £18 HERE, and like all Clinique, is fragrance free so a good sensitive eye option. I also noticed that there is a mini version for £7 HERE if you don’t want the commitment of the full size.

Top Five Mascaras

The Dimensions de Chanel Mascara is more of an old school mascara I think I would say. It has a straightforward brush that hasn’t been particularly fancied up with hugeness or ‘grabby’ bits and it coats my lashes really nicely without over coating. It’s a perfect dose delivery but if I’m honest, it dries out more quickly than any of the other mascaras featured here. This one is my coat and run mascara because it doesn’t require any attention or precision and it’s super-black in colour so you get a high impact effect with one coat and zero effort. It’s £25 HERE.

Top Five Mascaras

Small brush mascaras are very handy! The MAC Upward Lash Mascara brush has a central reserve that holds mascara so when you brush your lashes with it, you get a good coating of intensely black mascara but because the brush is small, you can be very precise in getting to the lash roots. Combing from the very root and pulling it though and up is what gives lashes an eye-awakening lift. I love it and it’s £19.50 HERE.

The Kevin Aucoin Volume Mascara has a very fine, spindly brush that again, allows for root to tip coverage but also gives lash separation without over-coating. It’s good for a spikey lash look when you want longer lashes but not necessarily all of the drama of ‘fat’ lashes. It’s quite a ‘wet’ formula but doesn’t go dry and crispy on the lashes and the last, and depth of black colour, is excellent. Both MAC and Kevin make coating lower lashes a doddle. It’s £23 HERE.

So there we go! My top five mascaras – any of your favourites in there?

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