Oh, yes! I put Tan-Luxe Self Tan Serum to the test the moment I got home after receiving it – it was all I could do not to slather it on there and then at the launch. I think the product itself is fairly self explanatory – a self tanning serum that you add into your daily skin care (anything from serum to moisturisers) or at night. It’s not dissimilar to Clarins Gold Glow Booster Drops in concept, but whereas I believe that Clarins uses DHA, Tan-Luxe Self Tan Serum does not, instead using Erythrulose – equally able to give a self-tan look but just a bit slower about it. Erythrulose is also thought to be less drying than DHA, and combining it in a serum format with raspberry seed oil, vitamin E and hydrolysed silk further combats any skin drying.


I used three drops mixed in with bareMinerals Complexion Rescue which I tend to use daily at the moment, so I had the whole day to watch for any developments, rather than use at night where I can’t monitor my skin. By the end of the day, I have to confess that my skin did feel slightly on the dry side but a whack of decent moisturiser sorted that out.

The ‘golden’ effect is great – it’s a lovely, warm, natural looking tan that doesn’t look at all ‘faked’ (but do bear in mind my olive skin tone and that I have a bit of tan already) and has definitely boosted my post-holiday look. It’s especially useful for that ‘under the chin’ bit that often stays white if you’ve taken a holiday book with you! You won’t find yourself over-tanned – this is a medium gentle look; more healthy weekend walks in the sunshine than baked on a rock in Ibiza.

New brands often struggle to find a place in the crowded beauty space, but Tan-Luxe Self Tan Serum, having been picked up by someone clever at QVC, is already flying off the virtual shelves more quickly than they can restock (out of stock on QVC). This is definitely a keeper for me – a tiny addition to the morning moisturise that is truly no bother and has visible benefits. It’s a big recommend from me.

Tan-Luxe Self Tan Serum is £35 HERE. 

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