Shiro Make-Up

I blogged about new-to-the-UK Japanese brand, Shiro, a bit before Christmas. In particular, the Peony fabric softener which I can report back is absolutely wonderful because a little goes a long way and the scent (I washed all my sofa (TV watching!) blankets) lasts and lasts. So now that their spring collection make up has launched I was intrigued to see what it’s like.

Shiro Make-Up

The Silk Highlighter is a beautiful fusion of peachy pink and shimmer – it comes out very light on the skin so it’s a nuance product rather than a statement look item. The theory of less is more is a big part of a lot of Japanese cosmetics that wouldn’t necessarily translate to the UK, but given that we’ve got a whole trend about to burst of less being more, the timing of these seem about right. The Mint Ginger Butter (gloss) is a bit of a thrill because it’s certainly got a tingle to it and is perfectly glossy with good adherence. However, the only downside of these are the prices – Silk Highlighter is £40 and Ginger Butter is £35 which I think is pretty high.

I feel that Shiro is more of a lifestyle brand than a make up brand as such – it’s for the high end conscious consumer who is prepared to immerse in the brand rather than pick up oddments here and there. The ingredient sourcing is carefully done and owes a lot to food ingredients translating well to skin and picked for high nutrients and mineral contents. Ginger, kelp and red beans feature in the skin care – oh, the Herb Care Water is for strengthening the skin’s barrier but doesn’t have much more of an explanation on the website (which I suspect is still undergoing construction so only the basics are there at the moment). At £85 for a little bottle, I think I need to know what’s in it!

Shiro Make Up

I love the shade of this Lip Butter – it’s got a bit of tomato to it I think. I really do like this brand – the pared-backness (yes, I’m making up words), the careful sourcing, the attention to detail but when push comes to shove I’m not sure I could part with £40 for a little pot of highlight. I would, however, definitely get the fabric conditioner again (I fancy the Mandarin Orange fragrance next time). You can find Shiro HERE.


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