[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Last week I was taking another look at the Sculpted By Aimee make up collection – I had my memory jogged by the Caroline Barnes Beauty Box which included a very good cream highlighter and I’ve written about the face palette a couple of years ago. So, it was very good to have an update.

Sculpted By Aimee

Aimee Connolly, creator of Sculpted, is an Ireland based make-up artist and the brand is really about complexions more than anything. It’s light and dewy for the most part and very much my kind of lightful finish. I’ll start with the creme blushes and bronzer as you see above. From left to right, it’s Peach Pop, Cream Bronze Light Medium and Pink Supreme. I started with Beauty Base Basics Primer, added Tint & Glow Skin Enhancer and then added the Cream Bronzer over which I put a tiny hint of Peach Pop.

Sculpted by Aimee

The Cream Luxe Blushers and the Cream Bronzer are the easiest of wins here – it’s exactly that sheer wash of colour you need to bring life to your face without being it being overt. Personally, I think the entire collection runs to warm tones rather than cool tones and I found with the bronzer that it was subtle and warming but by the time I’d finished, I’d used a bit too much so my advice there would be to stop short of where you think you need to be, do your eyes or whatever else you are doing, and then go back and reassess. They’re so easy to apply with either finger tips or a brush and they fall into the ‘bonne mine’ category of healthy looking flushes rather than out and out blusher.

Sculpted by Aimee

In the swatch, from bottom to top, it’s Pink Supreme, Peach Pop and then Bronzer. I’ve swatched the Skin Tint too (in shade 4) which is a beautiful, light formula that gives SPF30 and as described, a tint of colour. It’s great for light coverage because it feels relatively airy for an SPF product and feels comfortable on the skin. I wasn’t crazy about the primer because it somehow creates a very full look – it was just a layer too many for me personally and tipped the balance from dewy to a bit too shiny. The tone of the Skin Tint is perfect – it reminds me of my L’Oreal True Match in 4N but a bit lighter in coverage.

Sculpted by Aimee

This is a reminder of the Full Face Edit Palette – my review is HERE. I like the skin focussed nature of this brand – Tint & Glow is a genius barely there product and at £22 doesn’t feel too expensive.  The blushes are good value at £16 each and the bronzer is the same price and there’s a bundle offer for one blush, one highlight and one bronze for £39 HERE which is excellent because you are getting one item for £7.

Sculpted by Aimee

My only criticism about this brand is that the packaging picks up fingerprints like crazy – especially after applying the skin tint and then picking up a blush. Aside from that, it’s fresh, dewy and very spring-fresh if you need an update from your wintery beauty wear. Individual blushes are HERE.

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