[unpaid/affiliate/ad] This is my first foray into Rouge Hermès, a lipstick collection from luxury brand Hermès. Founded in 1837, the brand’s origins were in supplying the carriage trade with harnesses and bridles before moving on to saddlery. The grandsons of Thierry Hermès eventually took up the reins (see what I did) creating saddles for the Czar of Russia and in a moment of fortuitous foresight, took on the exclusive rights to use zippers for leather goods and clothing. I’ve never thought about the origins of zips but in my wildest dreams wouldn’t have attributed their use Hermès. Fast forward through a history of fabulousness that saw the brand diversify into luxury lifestyle and fragrance, Hermès is listed at 32 in the Forbes Top 100 Most Valuable brands despite being subjected to repeated takeover attempts by LVMH.

Rouge Hermès Satin Rose Ombre

We cannot get around the fact that this Pierre Hardy designed lipstick is £62. It’s a lot. But, if you’re the person that shops in Hermès then it’s probably going to feel like small change. The luxury market is a strange place – there are plenty of brands that claim themselves as luxury which has made the meaning more broad, but Hermès still works to a traditional business model where goods are made by hand in workshops (Les Ateliers Hermès). That’s not to say the lipsticks are hand made, but it’s a brand whose ethos justifies their luxury label and, I guess, the prices.

Rouge Hermes Satin Rose Ombre

Rose Ombré is part of a trio of shades in this limited edition collection that works to a pink theme. I’ve been having a moment with pink recently so this works for me as an unobtrusive nude-pink that sits to the matte side of satin in the finish. Honestly, I prefer it with a swish of clear gloss over the top which gives it more vibrancy but if your preference is for understated, you won’t need that. The texture is soft and cushiony, the pigment level is high and the last is good.

Rouge Hermes Satin Rose Ombre

For myself, a lipstick from Hermès would have to be a very considered purchase, but the notion is a little easier when you realise that refills are £33 which brings them into line with what most ‘luxury’ brands are charging and I easily pay that for my Gucci favourite. The casing and lipstick bought together are what brings the price to £62 but once you have the case, repeat purchases don’t carry the same pain! The colour-block casing shades come from the brand’s archive (which thinking about vibrant Hermès scarves must be something to behold), there’s a dip at the top where the gold emblem sits that softens the cylinder and of course, it’s clicky.

Rouge Hermes Satin Rose Ombre

Given that I’m not popping in and out of Hermès for my daily shopping, this sits most comfortably as a special occasion lipstick that’s also a keepsake – a wedding, graduation or anniversary – so that it’s more than the sum of its parts. With it’s little bag and signature orange box, I can see it being something wrapped in memories. You can find Rouge Hermès HERE at John Lewis, non-affiliate HERE. A full make-up range is scheduled for 2023 with skincare to follow.


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