Pout Case

Get ready to see this everywhere! I spotted this on Twitter I think because the magazines got eyes on this first, and thought it’s just very gimmicky but now I have the prototypes in my hand, I’m really impressed. The (pink or rose gold) slider section that you see is very slim so it’s not really bulking up your phone terribly much – if you keep your phone in your pocket, you still easily could, and it adds very, very little weight as well. The fact that it’s not weighty is maybe the one downside because I don’t know how long it will last. And, it’s way over priced at £30.

Pout Case:

I’ve shown the back of the rose gold case and how it looks when it is pulled away from the phone with the other case – you literally just slide it out and there you have a three pan tray. I think what I have in my sample is two lip colours and a foundation/concealer shade, but there is also a glow cream option.

Pout Case

Obviously, because the whole makeup tray is designed to be so slender and not bulk your phone, you get a shallow amount of product, which are all, obviously, creme formulas and I’m told, heat resistant and made in Germany. I’m literally pulling a face that it’s £20 for three shades on top of the £30 case. This is such a brilliant, fun idea that has probably priced itself out of the market from the get-go – at the back of my mind, I had £20 all in in my head and I’m not sure I’d pay £50 for the whole thing. Despite the fact that the pricing isn’t right yet, there are so many permutations of this concept I do really love the idea and I know that I have prototype samples so it’s possible that the reality will be more sturdy. I think I’d like to know more about the origins of the actual make up but imagine never being caught out by forgetting your make up again – because nobody forgets their phone! NB: Update – yes, my samples are literally a proto-type run and the real case will be apparently much more premium.

The founder, Nafissa Chodieva, former Investment Banker, is very interesting… definitely worth a Google 🙂 and take a look at the Poutcase.com site where it’s pre-order only at the moment.

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