[unpaid/sample] So, it’s getting to that time of year when the light is being far more helpful in making us look less drained. There are some complexion tones that look fantastic all year round but mine definitely isn’t one of them! I was at the CEW event last night which is an industry showcase of beauty products where brands show their ‘best of’ and attendees take the products home to use and assess, ultimately casting a vote for overall winners. One of the contenders is Pixi By Petra On-The-Glow Bronzer and it’s the first of my ‘tests’.

Pixi By Petra On-The-Glow Bronzer Review

Its official name is a Tinted Moisture Stick but to be honest, I found it a bit oily on my skin. It felt slightly as though it was fighting with my complexion rather than becoming one with it. My expectation I think was that it would feel more balmy – it has a very long ingredient list and from looking at that, it seems to be over-complicated with all the ‘good’ stuff in very small quantities (i.e. apple, blueberry and raspberry extracts).

Pixi by Petra On-The-Glow-Bronze

I can assure you the product didn’t come with that ding in it – that’s all my own clumsy work. The shade itself it quite nice with almost a peachy aspect to it. On my skin it looks okay but not natural particularly. One of my bug bears with twist up products is that you can’t twist them down again which is kind of important if you push up too much – easily done – but it’s one less componentry part which is good or bad depending upon where you sit.

Pixi by Petra On-The-Glow-Bronze

The good things about Pixi by Petra On-The-Glow-Bronze is that it’s sheer so you can’t really over do it and that it comes in a shape that makes a quick swipe and go possible. It’s an easy to use bronzer but not one for me. You can find it for £18 HERE.

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