Mustaev Brush Cleaner Spray
Mustaev Brush Cleaner Spray

Mustaev is a US based brand that I’m looking a bit more closely at – it’s not widely available to the UK but is known for quality brushes as well as makeup. It feels like a Pro brand to be honest, which is why I’m inclined to take such things as the brush cleaner spray a little more seriously. We all know you need to wash brushes, but there’s a difference between a regular brush wash and an antibacterial cleaner, and I rather thing you need both if you want to do a proper job.

If you think about it, it’s not just makeup that gets caught up in brushes – sebum, skin cells and anything airborne make their way into them. That’s not to say you need to be fixated on cleansing your brushes every five minutes, but makeup artists need to clean between clients or shoots and do a very decent job of it in order to avoid cross contamination. For us at home, a quick spritz to kill off bacteria is a very good half way house when you can’t quite be bothered to do the whole brush wash thing, or if you have active spots it’s a good idea, particularly for foundation brushes, to do a quick spritz after every application.

In an ideal world, you’d regularly wash, dry and spritz but you know, life and everything – I’m really pleased to have this as a lazy option when I know what I really should be doing is going elbow deep into brush wash suds. It’s $16 HERE.

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