[sample/affiliate] I’m just about coming to the end of the Milk Make Up newness – I still have the Primer to test – I know that these aren’t new exactly, but I haven’t used them before so they’re new to me.

Milk Make Up Lip & Cheek

I have here Werk and Perk in the standard Lip & Cheek formula as well as a mini of the Lip & Cheek Oil formula. Since they’re designed to work on both lips and cheeks, they’re tints that show more on cheeks than on lips (on me – but it will depend upon your skin tone I think). If you just want the merest hint on lips with a low sheen rather than shine, I can’t really fault them – I’m really picky about formulas for multi-functional products and these are the first I’ve used in a long time that give equal performance on both. Usually, the pay off on lips is too dry while the pay off on cheeks is too oily ending up with a product that doesn’t work well for either thing. It doesn’t feel like there is any compromise here, as long as you realise the lip is a dot of colour.

Milk Make Up Lip & Cheek

On the right is Perk and on the left is Werk. I took a chunk out of Flame, the little oil formula when I took the lid off so I’ve spared my own blushes by not showing how battered it looks! On the cheeks, they translate, with a bit of blending out, to a sheer wash of colour (you can build up of course) that’s perfect for fresh looks and just-nipping-to-the-shop looks. It’s a similar thing on lips – a nuance of colour that just perks up your mouth nicely without making any bold statements.

In the swatch, it’s peachy toned Perk, then Werk which is a bit more brickish, followed by Flame in the oil formula. You can see there is a bit more gleam from Flame although I’m not personally all that keen on the colour. The large sizes are £20.50 and the little Milks are £12 – I think it would take almost a life time to finish the large size. They’re HERE, non affiliate HERE.

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