[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’ve been dying to see the Powder Kiss Eyeshadows that are formulated to be a ‘blur’ finish. That’s something that I didn’t think could work with any great effect until I tried a similar thing from a different brand and realised that diffused shadows can look beautiful.

MAC Powder Kiss Lips & Eyes

The matte finish is kind of soft focus – impactful colours in a gentle dilution. I used my fingers to apply and got a soft wash of colour that feels about right for where I am on my slow march back to a fuller make-up look.

MAC Powder Kiss Lips & Eyes

I think the diffusion is fully obvious in the swatch and I’ve laid down more colour on my arm than I would on my lid. I should mention that the matte shadows are utterly weightless – you just don’t know they’re there. So, shades (from bottom to top) are: Lens Blur, What Clout (if you have blue eyes this is your friend!), Devoted to Chili and Fall In Love. I’d class them as gentle, wearable and comfortable re-introductions to eye shadows if you had a break over the summer. They’re £17.50 each HERE, non affiliate HERE.

The Liquid Lip Colors are along the same lines – I think I’d say the finish is like just blotted lips, when you’ve applied a full colour and then taken some of it back off with the accompanying softer look that blotting gives. They’re very matte and yet feel almost like an oil on the lips and yet transfer and fading is minimal. This is very much not my kind of formula (dips head in gloss to recover) but if you’re a matte lady, this is ultimate comfort. I can feel it on my lips but it’s out of my comfort zone so that’s to be expected but have to admit they’re very lightweight – I can see it would be easy to forget you’re wearing them.

MAC Powder Kiss Lips & Eyes

Again, I think you get a good impression of the blur in the swatch. I’ve worn the lighter pink shade – A Little Tamed – which brightens, rather than overpowers, the whole face. I didn’t expect that but I think it’s a secret treasure of a shade. In the swatch, it’s Over The Taupe, A Little Tamed, Sorry Not Sorry and Make It Fashion. If you decide you don’t like a matte finish, just add some clear lip balm over the top (as I have done) and you get the cream/gloss texture AND the diffusion. Perfect :-)). They’re £19 HERE, non affiliate HERE.

PS: I hope to have a sample of the MAC advent calendar to show you, but if not you can sign up to be notified when it’s in HERE. The value is great on this – £300 for £125 – and it’s already popping up on ebay for around the £199 mark.

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