MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour

I nipped into Fenwick (Bond Street) to get my skin tone matched for the MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour. It’s not something I do very often – almost never to be honest – because I tend to know my shade in most things and am pretty good at picking it out myself. However, I’m glad I did, not for the Face Colour (I’m a Medium, predicted already), but for that little stick you can see in the main picture. It’s the Studio Fix Perfecting Stick in (I think.. I will verify) HERE that is mostly used to conceal but worked like an absolute charm as a creme bronzer. Creme Bronzers are hard to come by at the best of times so this is absolutely a discovery for me and I’ll use it again in a nano-second and I’d highly recommend if you’re not a powder bronzer fan or for older skin that doesn’t take powders well.

MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour

As far as MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour is concerned, if you love low-key coverage that gives a bit of natural looking skin glow (without a ton of glitter), you will easily love this. It’s very comfortable on the skin, but is very much barely there. It also doesn’t seem to have SPF so it’s not necessarily a good daily wear pick.

As is the way, the more perfect your skin is in the beginning, the more ‘perfected’ it’s going to look on your skin, but it strikes me as a generally good any-age product because it allows for flexibility, isn’t drying and does that well-version-of-you thing that’s flattering no matter what. As you can see by the box above, with samples all ready to take home and try, if you are nearby Fenwick you can be colour matched and then take home a sample to see how you get along with it. MAC is positioning this as a 10 Day Sample which is highly optimistic unless you’re a mouse, in which case it might last you 10 days. I’d suggest that this is more like 5. Shades are Light/Light Plus/Medium/Medium Plus/Dark/Dark Plus and Dark Deep and it’s £27 HERE. I’m more excited about discovering the concealer stick as bronzer to be honest.

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