[unpaid/affiliate/ad] I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering what the future holds for content creators like me – there are expert driven thoughts coming through but I am not sure that anything at all is clear just yet. Which means unless you can pivot fast and be prepared to move your goal posts week by week, things are very difficult. For us, revenue has all but dried up with no clear path towards things getting back to how they were. In fact, I don’t think they should go back to how they were – it was awful. Competitive, greedy, thoughtless – I could go on. Brands, understandably, are clinging on to their budget as they see their revenues decline, while affiliate programs are closing left, right and centre and only a few agencies are sending out product samples – unless, as a creator, you have a secondary income stream, things will be very tough indeed.

Lips In Lockdown And Other Changes

When brands switched their attention from PR and became marketing led, they lost the personal touch that forged deep and mutually trusted relationships with content creators across both press and on-line. At a time when many beauty companies are suffering hard with no budget and a very squeezed revenue, PR has never been more important than right now. If brands are unable or unwilling to pay for content, they need the communication and persuasion skills of PRs more than ever to achieve coverage and maintain interest in their products. Influencers are used to being well paid for their content; if all their eggs have been put into visual content such as Instagram, with no expert credentials as back up and no other revenue streams, it’s really a disaster on that front. There were changes afoot any way – I think our situation has hastened them and some reflection is needed on how everything got so out of control in the first place. I have a feeling that brands might start looking after their core customer better rather than chasing down Gen Z to convert – I have literally no idea at all what lies ahead for me personally – I come to my desk each morning and wonder what on earth I’m going to write about. But so far, the well hasn’t run dry. With that said, I’ve gathered up my lock down lip products – I used to say I wouldn’t leave the house without bareMinerals Complexion Rescue but guess what? I am, and have replaced it with a light lip colour instead – not even any mascara. I don’t know myself but what I’m sort of working towards is a personal look that I’ve always envied – a warm tone and a red lip. It seems a genetic favour of Italian women who can be so effortless with that look – if you’re a pasty Brit you have work for it!

Lips In Lockdown And Other Changes

So, my three cheer up lippies that I’ve piled into in my quest for a bit of Mediterranean nonchalance on my dog walks! First is Glossier Lip Gloss (well into my second tube) for the lightest tint of red in a dewy, non-sticky gloss, £11 (HERE with an offer for all 3 shades for £28 instead of £33), then Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil Infused Gloss in Hot Streak, a clear orange-red slick, £19 (HERE  – their new collection, Blush & Bloom has launched today from which you might like Red Hibiscus in the same formula and across the entire site an offer to spend £70 and get a 4 piece beauty kit). Lastly, Gucci Rene Pink, £35 HERE, in a balm formula that gives a good colour shot in a juicy base for my braver days!

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