[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] One of the things that Instagram really highlights is that no matter how much you know about beauty (in my case, it’s a lot because it’s been a long time!), it doesn’t automatically mean you are able to effectively demonstrate all you know! My attempt at applying Flicker lashes is a good case in point – these lovely lashes were made to look as complicated to apply as joining Mensa but the truth is, it’s me – not them that doesn’t work properly!

Flicker Lashes Review

But look! I got there in the end and nobody was more surprised than me. The only lashes I’ve ever found easy are the individuals from Lashify HERE but on the whole, I’d say you need some experience with applying lashes OR you need to be prepared to put in the hours to learn how to apply quickly and easily.


My friend Annie has an entire lash wardrobe and slips them onto her lids in seconds so I know it can be done and I will give her some of these knowing she will absolutely delighted. It’s just not unusual to have multiple sets of lashes for different occasions – I’m very loathe to say it’s an age thing but I think it might be. It’s also a beauty trend that’s so successful mascara sales are down. The gamechanger for lash application is the glue in a pen which means you can glide so close to your natural lashes then apply the false lashes so they literally sit over your own seamlessly. There’s also a black version which means you’re also applying liner at the same time.

Flicker Lashes Review

There are six style options (try No.3 for the most natural) and they’re reusable but if you want to reuse, take them off very, very carefully so they retain their shape. It’s easy to pull at them so they stretch out of shape so use a delicate touch for this as well as when you take them out of the box. Ultimately, Flicker Lashes are for the lash connoisseur rather than the lash beginner but if that’s you or you know someone who won’t leave the house without them, they feel like a luxurious option. Oh, I forgot to say, there’s also a lash applicator available which allows you to place them (if you’re not incompetent like me) more easily on the lids. Lashes are £18 a pair HERE.


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