[productsample] I know I’ve featured lipstick powders before – they’re much more successful in concept in Korea and China than they are in the UK, but if you’ve never tried one, they’re actually a) very fun to use and b) impressively effective.

CLE Melting Lip Powder

What happens when the powder comes out of the tube is that on contact with skin, the spheres (undetectably) burst and flood with colour – think of them as coated micro-particles. So, they actually feel wet at first, like a lip stain, but almost immediately dry on the lips.

CLE Melting Lip Powder

Obviously, the applicator and the amount that comes out at a time is crucial – nobody wants highly pigmented powder flying everywhere. So, the opening of the tube is tight and takes off any residue as the wand comes out.

And there’s the result. On my lips, with darker pigment beneath the powder-now-liquid, it looked immaculate but you can layer up as much as you wish. If you have very dry lips, I’d say it’s not for you, because dry lips don’t do well with water based products as they need more oil, but otherwise, I think this kind of product is really fun and one for beauty adventurers. In terms of last, be prepared to top up – I found them to have the same kind of last as a general lip tint, fading from the inner lip more quickly than the outer. This shade is Cherry, but there are five or six other to choose from and they’re £25 each HERE.



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