Clarins Everlasting Cushion Foundation

Clarins have a couple of new foundations launching soon – the Everlasting Cushion and the Everlasting Powder. I’ve been testing them both over the past couple of days and have to say that unless you are very well used to powder foundations, the latter is a challenge. As expected, I didn’t get on with at all, finding it rather drying and just too powdery for my liking. But then, I hate powder! It was never going to be for me, and in honesty, I am not sure who it’s for – unless you want a dry and heavy coverage. I think maybe if you have very oily skin, it might be helpful, especially last wise as it uses bamboo powder to absorb excess oils. Plus, it’s SPF9 which is low.

However, moving on to the more dewy finish of the Clarins Everlasting Cushion and it’s a whole other story. It’s not featherweight because it has SPF50 but it gives both a medium coverage (allow a few moments before you go for build to let it ‘set’ slightly) and feels moisturising on my complexion. I think it’s a good winter foundation if you suffer from drier than usual skin. I love it for its glowy, dewy finish, ease of use (although I rarely use those puffs – it goes on so much better and more evenly with an oval brush) and that there is no SPF cast on the finish which is amazing considering the SPF50. It does seem like a strange time to launch such a high protection foundation but I am guessing it’s still sunny around many parts of the world and Clarins is a global brand.

Clarins Everlasting Cushion Foundation

This is shade Beige 107 which is a near match for me – there are six shades available (none unfortunately going into truly deep tones) from the end of the month. I’d suggest this for sun hit climates, winter-wear if you get dry and for those who like a dewy complexion. The one thing I’d say is that if you use an SPF50 during winter and you live in a low light country (such as the UK in winter), you will be virtually completely blocking any chance of getting Vitamin D. I try and ensure that I either get my arms out for some sunshine or light at the very least no matter how cold, or drop down my SPF coverage. It’s a tricky one – being Vitamin D depleted is awful (fatigue and muscle weakness being just two symptoms) and supplements don’t quite replace the real thing, but I know a lot of people worry about their complexions. I’m not that bothered about sun marks on my face at all – I choose the lower SPF for more chance of natural Vitamin D – and feel that it’s a small sacrifice for enough energy. But, each to their own. I have a full complement of Vitamin D at the moment (I had a recent blood test and the consultant was amazed because so many people have low levels) and I’d like to keep it that way (hence a last minute trip to France at the moment).

Clarins Everlasting Foundation is £31 for the initial full cushion and compact, and £23 for refills.

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