Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

Heading for an August launch, alongside the palette I showed yesterday, two new complexion products from Charlotte Tilbury. First up, the Beauty Light Wand (this is a picture heavy post because I’m sneaking in some Christmas products at the bottom but I’ll keep it brief!) with a sponge applicator and a liquid consistency.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

While the brand says that it’s a rose gold shade, I don’t see it so – it’s lighter than what I would consider a rose gold to be – and I wouldn’t use the sponge tip to apply I don’t think. I’ve tried it and got much better results with the new 2-in-brush which is a truly great brush for highlighting and contouring although better for liquids than dry.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

When I tested the Light Wand, I found the application beautiful – it’s a kind of cream/gel hybrid which glides over the skin so you can get a wonderful diffusion. Initially, it leaves a lovely gleam on the skin but that fades down over time and I did notice that it leaves little sparkles behind. I don’t particularly like this – I feel we should have moved on by now from glitter face, especially when the brand is claiming that there is no visible glitter. To begin with, there isn’t – it’s just over time when the product liquid evaporates that you’re left with some residual sparkle. But, ease of application, gorgeous diffusion, ultra-gleam, instant glow and light-catching – all there and I think it will sell and sell! It’s £28.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

Even though I’m not a contourer and I think we’re kind of at the end of the trend, the Contour Wand (available in Light and Dark) is pretty amazing in terms of ease of application. It’s a very lightweight, fluid texture which means that blending is a dream and you really can get that shadowing and shading that’s difficult to achieve with any accuracy with powders. It makes me wonder now how we ever put up with powder contours because CT Contour Wand makes them seem so clumsy. This is the product that feels most as though it has a make up artist heritage and if you’ve never quite got your contour right, I’d suggest that it’s as near fool proof as it is possible to be. Again though, I’d never use the sponge applicator – I’d use the brush. It’s £29.

Limited Edition Lipsticks

An interesting global focussed collection (as the brand moves into new markets perhaps – otherwise why would Shanghai be there?) in some unexpected, but gorgeous, packaging. I have a feeling these are for Christmas.

Limited Editions

All three are in the Matte Revolution formula.

Limited Editions

In the swatch, you can see English Beauty, American Sweetheart and Shanghai Nights. And also my swatching rash is back!

Lip Masterclass

The Lip Masterclass Set (also Christmas) follows a similar design theme which I love – it’s unexpected but totally fits the brand.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Masterclass

Inside, three lip looks from start to finish – from liner through lipstick to gloss.  I don’t yet have further details but will fully review in due course.

Charlotte Tilbury Christmas

And, if you missed the mini lipstick trio from last year – it’s coming back! There are several seasonal gifting items but we have plenty of time! The things I’m missing here are the Liquid Matte Lips – launching August – a line up of 9 that I’m waiting for samples so that I can show you. Anyway, put Christmas far from your minds and get back in the sunshine!


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