[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] It’s ages since I’ve seen anything By Terry and Rosy Flush seems a very good place to start. I always think of By Terry as a summer brand – there’s a lightness to it that reminds me of beaches I think. But, that’s kind of what the brand is all about – bringing light to face wherever possible. I know that on social they went through a bit of a phase of trying to bring a whole new By Terry audience on board which is hard to do in this current market – lightfulness is beautiful on any complexion but older skin can be transformed by a bit of light in the right places.

  • 6% skincare-based formula
  • 8 shades to suit all skin tones
  • Provides radiance & protection
  • Colour corrects & evens skin tone
  • Blurs imperfections without coverage
  • Provides hydration
  • Tinted sheer coverage with radiant glow finish


Enriched with radiant rose stem cells Brightening CC Serum boosts radiance and adds protection to the skin. ‘Optical glow’ technology mixes light-reflecting prisms, soft-focus micro-spheres and colour correcting pigments.


Skin looks instantly brighter and positively glowing.

N°1 Immaculate Light: For porcelain complexions. Reduces blotchiness, controls redness. Also, perfect to highlight high points of your complexion.

By Terry Brightening Blush

I’ll kick off with the CC Brightening Serum – what a lovely product. It’s one of the brand’s best sellers and for good reason. I first tried a version of this (CC Lumi Serum) back in 2014 so it’s  more than time I had an update. I have Immaculate Light which is a colour correcting, illuminating formula with no colour although the product does come in 8 shades (I definitely want to try one that’s got colour to it). Brightening Serum is the sort of base you’d want to use right after you’ve had a facial or on a very good skin day  – it just feels gorgeous on the complexion and has a very slight blur (soft focus micro spheres) effect that enhances your skin’s finish. I can’t say I really noticed any colour correction although my skin did look ‘perfected’ to a certain degree but if you are very fair you may see it. It contains light reflecting particles that are super subtle (thankfully – nobody needs a glitterball face) and feels hydrating without any oily feel. Basically, excellent skin care with a cosmetic benefit. You can use it in targeted places or all over the complexion.

By Terry Brightening Blush

Never forgetting her Touche Eclat roots, Terry de Gunzberg is fond of a pen. I’m not sure it’s my preferred method of blush application – I tend to just brush it into the balm of my hand and then either use fingers or a fluffier brush to apply. Pens can be somewhat unreliable in product amount delivery – you have to get to know your clicks with this. However, the blush itself is a ‘wet’ formula so that it disperses on the skin seamlessly with a cool touch. You need very little to create the right amount of cheek tint and it’s a dream on bare skin as well. I can see that the CC Brightening Cream and this blush are a match made in heaven. I like the fact that it has a rosy smell – it just adds to the whole freshness aspect.

By Terry Brightening Blush

You can see the rose extract infused shade is a peachy rose (the other shade is Sunny Glow) but what you can’t see is the light reflectivity which is I’d say at the point of perfection. There’s enough colour and light bounce to create a lightly illuminated look without being highlighted, exactly (or is it highlit?!). If you don’t like any shimmers at all, it’s not for you – when the sun shines, you will get a slight glimmer from it. This is a limited edition version but I’m not sure if it’s the packaging or the colours. Either way, I like it. So, the CC Glowing Base is £61 and the CC blush is £33 which very annoyingly brings the total to just short of the £100 spend you need to make on SpaceNK for what would qualify you for a rather lovely GWP consisting of a (luxury sample size) Ombre Black Star and a Hyaluronic Hydra Star Powder in a pouch. If you have anything to stock up on, now is the time! You can find By Terry HERE.


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