Brushworks Miracle Silicone Sponge

I KNOW!! I’m so late to the silicone sponge party that I might as well not have turned up at all. If you haven’t yet tried this, or any of its variants (condoms filled with cornflour or a boiled egg.. I’m not even joking) then it’s main claim, to save product, is certainly true. There is not a scrap of waste with this. I use oval brushes (cheap or fancy, don’t care) for foundation and I’m a complete convert to that because of the easy buffing and smooth finish, but the silicone method is not awful.

Brushworks Miracle Silicone Sponge

Oval brushes and any kind of sponge are thirsty for foundation – I know that I need to wash my ovals a lot and watch my beloved base disappear down the sink which is a bit painful, and you certainly won’t get that with the Silicone Sponge (which is also super easy to clean, unlike brushes). However, it’s still not for me – I used a Chanel foundation and using the silicone it took more effort to get a finish I was happy with and didn’t feel nearly as controlled. I see its use and I now realise why everyone loves them, so it’s purely down to personal preference.

It’s £7.99, and if budget allows, I’d definitely give it a try if you haven’t already just to experience the very stark difference in methods. You might love it! Or you could fill a condom with cornflour…. #justsayin. It’s HERE.

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