Becca First Light Priming Filter

This product falls into the ‘mystery’ category for me. It’s described as a skin brightener and refresher – and hydrator. All the ticks for hydration that didn’t interact with foundation, but the ‘Cool Light Technology that softly scatters cool violet light to brighten…’.. erm, I couldn’t spot it. At all. And if you can’t see it on your skin is there any point in it being there? I know.. the big questions along the lines of the tree falling in the forest…sorry. In the picture above, I’ve also got the Becca Soft Light Blurring Powder, which you CAN see the effects of in terms of softening the look of your skin.

Becca Soft Light Powder

The shade is Golden Hour which does run slightly warm, despite being a ‘universal’ shade, with tiny twinkles that show up in the sunlight (hence the half shadow pics). But, it absolutely does fit the brief of being a blurring powder – I could clearly see a difference.

Becca First Light Priming Filter

I’ve swatched the blurring powder just for tone reference here. It’s impossible to even show what the First Light does because basically it just looks like moisturiser! I’ve checked around other reviews – I can’t see anyone else saying that it’s the Emperor’s New Clothes so really, maybe it is me, but bottom line for a £32 product for the face is that I want to be able to clearly know and see that it’s done something and I cannot say that with this. On the other hand, if you like a blur powder that does actually give results and a smoother looking appearance, I’d happily say that you will be pleased with Soft Light Powder HERE (£32).


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