Beau Belle Brushes

If you’re super organized, these complete brush sets in their beautiful pots will have you at hello – not least because once the lid is back on you can’t see the brushes at all. As someone who keeps their brushes in a variety of pots ranging from what I think used to be a proper desk pen pot to an old beaker my kids used to use when they were little this system looks like the answer to everything! I’ve also got some in a Tupperware type box in a drawer – which I never use because they’re tucked away and I forget about them. These pots have a mono-shade, streamlined look so they just slot right into whatever environment they need to (in my case, the kitchen!). They’re clever because they divide into two halves completely or press together securely – whichever you prefer. So you have one pot with a lid for when you’re on the move or two pots for every day use and storage.

Beau Belle Brushes

As you can see, you can they’re leather look, but not leather, and the brushes are synthetic too and good quality synthetics at that. In terms of styles, the top picture obviously shows an oval brush set with grippy handles shaped for precision. There is one little brush that doesn’t look quite as seamless as the others but as far as I can tell they’re perfectly fine quality. I love an oval brush! I’m impressed with the variety of brushes in the regular brush sets – lip brush, powder brush, stippling brush, angled contour, foundation, brow, blending, angled shader, detail, shader, lash brush and tapered blender.

I’ve been cruising about on the website (HERE) and there is 15% off your first order. I think I prefer the regular brushes at £44.95 to the oval set which is more expensive – the gold set pictured above is slightly smaller in size at £39.95. I don’t think anything is lost by the set being smaller, in fact, probably better if you can’t bear to be parted from your entire brush collection when you travel.

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