Barry M Cosmic Lights Palettes

I’ve been off radar with Barry M for a really long time so I’m playing catch up now! I’m not sure the Barry M Cosmic Lights Palettes was the best place to start to be honest – but it’s £7.99 and when you’ve been looking at £45+ highlight palettes I can see why it’s so popular. If you’re not up for paying £££ for a gleam palette, then as long as you accept you won’t get the same quality (but a very similar effect), then why not?

Barry M Cosmic Lights Palettes

You will get gleam and highlight with this, but the four shades that are the ‘sheen’ formula are quite oily – they don’t feel built to last to be honest so you may have some touching up to do throughout the day. I’d personally avoid on a hot day or if your skin is particularly oily in the first place. There are two shades (the two central colours) that are powder – again, they’re on the oily side, but these are the ones that will give you the fullest beam and are light reflective. In the swatch I’ve gone clockwise around the palette but there aren’t any shade names so I can’t align them that way.

For £7.99, you get a rose gold creme, a bronze creme, a gold creme and a soft iridescent creme, plus a pink toned powder highlighter and a blue toned one too. On my skin, I liked the bronze creme for a cheek glow but the shimmer is quite glittery – i.e. you can see the pieces individually. The cardboard casing is really flimsy so I’d flag this as a one season product that will see you through, but not more than that. I don’t mind that lack of commitment to be honest! It’s HERE. 

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