Artis Mini Palm Brush

You’re going to gasp when I tell you this little brush is £66. I KNOW! But bear with…

I was an early adopter of Artis oval style brushes, in truth because I was sent them – I am not sure I’d have been so quick off the mark if I’d had to shell out myself. But, I raved about them when I first tried them and still rave about them now. Not all of them – I cannot get on with the eye brushes at all – but for creme blush, bronzer, highlighters and foundation, you cannot beat them.

Artis Mini Palm Brush

This style of brush has been copied to death – I am actually surprised that Artis is still around. I think I would have to say that yes, you do get the same effect from a much cheaper brush initially, but my cheap and cheerful ovals snap at the neck very regularly, whereas my Artis, over 3 years old now, never has. Bottom line of it is that Artis brushes are for people who like to go top of the range – more brand new shiny BMW than pre-loved VW Golf. The Mini Palm Brush HERE is their newest offering – you can use it to apply and buff in foundation or tint and it works like a dream, diffusing and giving the most even and perfected finish you’ll ever have. To clean, just wash with a gentle shampoo (they’re not animal hair by the way) and leave to air dry. It’s super handy for highlight over the body, too – shoulders and shins – because it’s hand held rather than on the end of a stick so you can really work on the perfect buff.


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