3ina Duo Eyeshadow

When we’re all swamped with palettes, a duo is quite refreshing. There really aren’t as many singles and duos around as there used to be and they do fulfill a purpose in adding just a couple of shades that you might not have covered off in your palettes, or making you realise that you don’t actually need fifty shades of neutral to make a decent eye look! I love the design of the 3ina Duo Eyeshadow with the wavy central dividing line but at £10.95, I think there are better quality products out there. There are 12 shade options.

3ina Eye Gloss

I love an eye gloss – it’s really an editorial look because it’s just not practical to walk about with sticky lids. It is, in all truth, the same as wearing a lip gloss on your lids and it’s time that the eye gloss formulas moved with the lip gloss times and used the new weightless, non sticky formulas. This is a gorgeous colour and if you think you can bear the tack every time you blink, it gives dewy, shiny lids in a way that usually only make up artists can produce. There are 4 shade options and it’s £9.95.  If you really can’t stand it on your lids, it will make a perfect lip gloss because I think that’s what it really is!

3ina Duo Eyeshadow

You can find the new 3ina drops HERE.

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