[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Billed as ‘eco/ethical’ WeDo is created by a special team at Wella charged with making a sustainable hair brand that considers animal welfare, human impact and responsibility to the environment.

WeDo Hair Care

A big part of this brand is multi-functionality which immediately cuts down on the number of products both bought and produced – although without sitting down and doing the maths, I feel somewhere it adds up to the same because you’ll buy the one product more often. However, it’s a good example of how you don’t actually need multiple products and there has been some creative thinking in what can double up and what can’t. An example is the Moisturising Day Cream that can double as a hair and hand cream – surely that’s a first? WeDo works to minimal formulas so there is nothing there that doesn’t need to be for the required performance. In terms of use, the Moisturising Day Cream does work nicely on both but it’s not for hands that need heavy duty hydration but fine for a little moisture top up.

WeDo Hair Care

Where the multi-functionality works very well is in the Scented Hair and Body Spray. The fragrance description reads ‘the sparkling fragrance of crisp dewy petals floating on water’ and I have questions!! What petals exactly remain crisp when they’re dewy and floating on water? To me, it smells orange blossomy and fresh although the last isn’t great. It seemed to stay longer in my hair than as a body spray but overall it’s a pleasure to use if you like your scents light and breezy. Similarly, the Natural Oil for Hair and Body with macademia and camellia is a workhorse for both and would probably be my top buy if you want to experiment with the range although it’s pricy.

I’ve yet to test out the no-plastics shampoo bar but the last shampoo bar I tried was a disaster so I feel a bit reluctant to waste a hair wash – maybe better for short hair because the potential for a tangled mess is less. It can last up to 80 washes which seems a lot! In terms of the brief of a hair range that is as eco as is feasible, I feel WeDo fits.

All packaging is recyclable and/or recycled, ingredients are as close to fully natural origin as possible, ingredient transparency, vegan and cruelty free, minimum ingredients… there’s a lot to learn about this brand. Overall, my impression is that it’s light – if your hair can’t take heavy-weight products, you’ll like the light handed touch. Price-wise, I somehow expected it to be less than it is – the shampoo bar is £14.95, the Hair & Hand Cream is £17.95 and the Hair & Body Oil is £34.95. If you’re looking to make ethical changes to your hair and body routine, WeDo is on the right track but might have out-priced itself from the very market it’s looking to target. We will see! The range is HERE (there’s a 10% off offer), non-affiliate HERE.

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