[unpaid/sample/affiliate/prioradrelationship] I really got to know The Body Shop hair range with the Ginger Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner last year and have since gone on to buy more. While my scalp is enjoying some flake free months, I’ve used it as the opportunity to try lots of different hair care, including The Body Shop Moringa Shampoo (for dull hair). I think I probably fall into a big misguided mass of people who never think their hair is shiny enough – I mean, how shiny is too shiny?! But, I’m always a sucker for anything that promises more shine even though if I’m honest, my hair can be quite shiny.

The Body Shop Moringa Shampoo

I’ve made a few mistakes in search of shine – a good example is using clarifying shampoos too much so that my hair went into oil overdrive trying to compensate for what had been washed away. I had to really lay off them although I find that Ginger Shampoo is a good half way house, dandruff or no dandruff, because it does a deep clean that isn’t particularly harsh on the hair. I’ve also noticed that anything with ‘scalp’ on the label automatically makes me pay more attention to my scalp – it’s like a memo on the bottle – which gets blood flowing and that in turn brings follicle stimulation. Moringa Shampoo is also a very good hair cleanser – I get a bit nervous of using shampoos for dry or very dry hair because they never feel like they rinse away properly and I know that the time between washes will be shortened. But, this formula feels like it’s really cleaning while being more gentle than a clarifier. I use the Ginger Conditioner afterwards and that’s quite light but gives a good, softening finish. The scent of Moringa shampoo is warm, slightly nutty and sweet – both comforting and fresh so I’m totally on board with that! I’m completely in love with Michael Van Clarke’s 3 More Inches range – it suits my hair so well – but it’s very expensive and more than I want to pay for day to day shampoo. At the moment, I’m trying to do a one-on, one-off system and find that Moringa is very close in outcome – i.e. shine and softness – and at £7.50 HERE vs £29 it makes sense.  The MVC Life Saver Pre-Wash is £29.50 (but I found a £10 try me size HERE ) and makes a difference every time I use it no matter what shampoo I use. I’d love to see The Body Shop bring out a pre-wash because they’ve clearly got a handle on hair care. But, don’t be afraid to mix and match your hair care in the same way you do your wardrobe or skin care.

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