Swell Dry Shampoo

Believe it or not, I finally learned to use dry shampoo to volumise my hair – I was shown the technique by Anna Cofone who literally flipped up a section of my hair, spritzed in dry shampoo at the root, mussed it around a little and let the section fall again. Voila, it was really that simple. You can do it as many times as you need to, but if you have a volumising dry shampoo, then it will last longer. Swell Dry Shampoo is a volumising formula – the whole range is all about that, actually.

Swell Dry Shampoo
Swell Dry Shampoo

It’s a non aerosol which means you can actually see the powder in the bottle (I don’t think I’ve ever seen dry shampoo before because it’s always in cans) and has no real scent that I can ascertain. That’s certainly a bonus for me; I like perfumed hair, but I’d rather choose my own scent than have a pre-selected one (Jo Loves Pomelo is often in my hair).

So, what makes Swell Dry Shampoo better than other dry shampoos. Because at £20, it does need to be significantly better. Well, the base is rice starch, but then after that, it’s a whole host of oils and extracts (rosemary, red mandarin, tea tree, to name a few) that don’t just sit in your hair – it’s completely invisible (although never spray any dry shampoo too close up – that’s how you get residue) and did give my hair a proper refresh that lasted the day.

My fringe, which parts as often as a pair of theatre curtains, is the only place I currently *need* volume, and Swell Dry Shampoo did the job there. I think if you’re happy with your existing dry shampoo, and it’s working well, then you don’t need to change, but if you hate the smell, or you still get residue and can’t get any volume going, then definitely Swell is worth a try. I also like that you can fit it in your handbag for touch ups. I find that most dry shampoos knock down any shine; any powder base is going to do that but I think Swell did it less than others I’ve tried.

I’m still a relative newbie to dry shampoos – I went for years without using it, and to be honest, it’s still a thing for emergencies only, other than the volume boost that Anna showed me. That has been a bit of a godsend for when I need to make my hair look half decent in a hurry. Swell Dry Shampoo is HERE. It does come up on offer every now and again so keep a look out.

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