Silke London

It’s really not so long ago that I would have dismissed a product like this BUT a summer of frizz and relentless hair tying to try and keep control of it has made me take these silk wrapped ties more seriously. That’s pretty much all they amount to: an elastic wrapped in silk. Do you absolutely need them? Absolutely not – but they fall into the category of a very pleasant luxury.

Silke London

They do glide effortlessly in and out of hair which is perfect when you’re beset by frizzles or your hair is fragile or damaged. Mine didn’t come loose overnight which I thought might be something to look out for with a ‘slippy’ product, and there was none of the knotty wrangling that can happen with a regular elastic. As for kinks – I think it’s going to depend a lot on how much your hair kinks anyway and the condition that it’s in in the first place. I would say that while there was no overnight kinking as such but rather a light dip that brushing, instead of straightening, took care of.

It’s a luxe product – £21 for six little ties – but why not upgrade if you feel like it? Hair doesn’t get nearly the same attention and love as skin and look at how much we fork out on silk pjyamas, sleeping masks and pillowcases. You can find them HERE.  As well as the multi coloured option, there are some pretty pale pink ones which reminded me of ballerinas and then made me think these are probably a great exercise tie option as well.

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