[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I spent my TV time last night trying to pick every last hair out of this to make it nice enough to photograph but if there are a few strands left, they illustrate the point of the post – that even after at least a couple of years [I did a sponsored post], I still use this handy tool which I think is the nearest you can get to a salon blow dry at home.

Revlon One Step Dryer & Brush

With hairdressers not indicated to open for some time to come, you can get yourself a nicely shiny and bouncy do with the One Step should you so wish. It’s unwieldy until you’re used to it – the oval nature of the brush and the size of it don’t quite feel like a natural brush-head fit, but if you section your hair and slowly go around your head in the sections the results are very well worth the learning time. After a while, it takes no time at all. The brush works by allowing you to style and dry at the same time because through the brush vents comes hot hair. A good tip is to dry your hair until just damp and then start with the One Step. You’re aiming for a little bit of resistance on the brush through and as soon as the brush starts to slip through, you’re done and can move on.

I go back to this time and time again – recently because I just fancied a very good hair day, but prior to that, whenever I needed to look a bit more groomed (than a haystack in jeans!). Oh, I should say that if you’ve got very short hair it’s not for you – you need ideally to have bob-length to mid length hair – I’m not sure I’d want to try it on very long hair either. I’ve found it on offer at various sites with the catch that either I don’t know the sites so can’t be sure of them enough to post or with very long delivery times so the safest option is Boots, where it’s not on offer but is reliable and can deliver (hopefully) more promptly and if you have points, that’s an option too. It’s £59.99 HERE, non affiliate HERE.

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