Oh! Organic Head Hairbrush

If I was to list my most used beauty items, this hair brush would come up right at the very top. First. I use it every single day and have just ordered two more because I don’t ever want to be without one. It’s really hard to translate into words what this very ordinary looking brush does and even harder to tell you it costs £30 (currently on offer for £20 which is why I did a sudden stock up). It just doesn’t look anything, and yet, the curve strokes the scalp so you’re at the root of your hair straight away and the pull through is absolutely tug free (unless you have a knot). The tips are infused with argan oil – I suspect long since gone from my older one that I’ve had for over a year. Also built in are anti-bacterial properties and I have no idea if that’s a benefit or a go-faster-stripe type pointless addition. However, my kids both borrow the OH brush relentlessly and if three people share one brush it does make some sense to have anti-bac.

I’m not such a good mum that I’m going to give both my children their own brush (somehow they’d end up still using mine, I just know it) – instead they’re going in my stash drawer in the bathroom, along with my very last remaining, discontinued, Kerastase Age Recharge conditioner. I miss Kerastase actually – I’m going to see what’s new I think because every time I delve into Age Recharge I’m reminded how amazing it is.

So, aside from the price, the other downer about the OG brush is that it’s only available at Ocado – I had to get a delivery for two hair brushes that would have posted more economically and in a more environmentally friendly way. On the plus, I got a free tea towel. Go HERE if you’re tempted!


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