Moroccanoil Blow Dry Concentrate

Yay, sunshine so the pineapples are out! A friend of mine told me that this product cut down her blow dry time and since I hate blow drying so much, I couldn’t wait to put it to the test. Blow Dry Concentrate is billed as an extreme frizz tamer for coarse hair, but don’t take too much notice of that. It can be used on textured or coarse hair but you’d probably need a lot more of the product compared to the tiny few drops that I needed to use. My hair is curly but I straighten it out with irons or just a blow dry – it really depends upon the weather. If it’s cold and dry, my curls drop and I don’t need straighteners. If it’s warm and humid, no amount of ironing my hair will completely get rid of the frizz (reminder to book in for a Keratin treatment which is the only thing that really works).

So, I have to say that it’s incredibly softening and initially super-smoothing. I say that because I don’t think it knocks down frizz over time but it does certainly perfect a blow dry – I’m as convinced as I need to be that I had a better finish as a result of using it. As for reducing blow dry time – it really does. I mean, it’s not magic, but there’s something about the softening nature of it that allows your brush to go through strands so much more smoothly and quickly. If your hair isn’t coarse or textured, you’ll only need a tiny amount and you’ll still see a benefit even if you don’t fall into the recommended hair type. The only hair I wouldn’t recommend this for is very fine or very oily. A combination of argan oil and squaline might prove too heavy although to the touch it’s silky and air light.

It’s a good addition to my blow dry – I’m seduced by the time shortening and the fact my hair is very soft and shiny. Moroccanoil Blow Dry Concentrate is £17.35 HERE.


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