[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Anyone with naturally oily hair or fluctuating states of oiliness (which is where I am right now – hormonal I am sure) will know that sinking feeling that hair needs washing – again! Over-washing can contribute to the issue but it’s difficult to resist when you know your tresses aren’t feeling as lustrous as they might. I never used to give dry shampoos a second glance but have come to use them more in recent times – in the past I’ve used a few different brands on the odd occasion – Batiste (of course) and Colab – which did the temporary trick, but Invisdry, now that I’m more au fait with using this category, is by far and away the best I’ve used so far.

Maria Nila Dry Shampoo

Made in Sweden, Maria Nila, as a company, is shaped in a way that all companies are aspiring to. From climate compensated products (they work with a tree planting charity, offsetting their carbon emissions so the effect, in theory, should neutralise what they use) to a state of the art sustainability-focused factory … it’s best practice for today. Behind the scenes is really the where we should be looking to follow an ethical consumer course instead of the press releases and marketing if that’s how you’d prefer to shop. I’m glad to have dug deeper and discovered that the customized factory has a solar panel roof, circular air condensation capability (which means that any residual heat is transferred back to the production process) and a number breakdown system that allows them to modify how many products are produced to generate less energy. I mean, it’s all very efficient! I’ve always loved a factory visit (Boots, Elemis and Melvita spring to mind) – seeing products in their most raw state is fascinating. So, back to the product.  The promise of no residue holds true – never spotted any, and after a quick spritz or two and a brush through, my hair will definitely go the extra day. Better still, I haven’t need to re-spray during the day but that will depend on personal levels of oil. It seems a small extra step, if a re-spray is needed, to offset the effort of a complete wash and dry. The brand also has a Cleansing Powder which I’ve yet to try. Dry shampoos almost all start with the same basic ingredient – rice starch – but this one goes the extra mile on nourishing ingredients such as Abyssinian oil. For the larger can (250ml), I’ve found it for £18.99 HERE and 100ml if you’d prefer to dip your toe for £12 HERE, non -affiliate HERE.



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