Kerastase Smart Brush

There’s not a whole lot of information about this Smart Brush coming from Kerastase in the not too distant future but what I do have is quite incredible. For a start, it has a microphone that listens to the sound of hair brushing to identify your brushing pattern.. which in turn gives insights into frizziness, dryness and breakage – basically telling you if and how you are damaging your hair.

As I’m writing this I’m praying that it isn’t an April Fools that I have well and truly fallen for! The device comes with an App that gives customized advice. The device is from the L’Oreal Research and Innovation Technology Incubator with the ‘tech’ for this provided by Withings which itself is part of the Nokia Group. Brands ‘incubate’ new tech start ups so they can nab all the best ideas before anyone else gets hold of them.

Essentially, this is data driven hair care that can measure force (and therefore damage) and signal devices that show brushing patterns and an alert if brushing is too vigorous. It’s high tech, futuristic and I’m really not sure I could be bothered! Could you?


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