[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] The new GHD rise is the type of hair tool I need L plates for. I’ve given this a really good go and haven’t mastered it yet. It’s a volumising hot brush that promises double the volume for your hair – you can curl, wave and sleek your dry hair. There are some great things about it – it’s a small enough barrel to get really close to the roots and therefore, your volume starts there.

GHD RIse Volumising Brush

The heat is plentiful and fast and the subsequent results are certainly what’s promised – if you can take your time about it and master the techniques for different styles. There’s a useful video HERE.

GHD RIse Volumising Brush

For me, what’s not so good is that you can only do a small section of hair at a time in order to do a seamless, non-tuggy pull-though, which is what gets you best results. If you’re the sort of person that doesn’t mind putting in the time and effort, you’ll get the result, but it’s not an easy day to day thing (for me, at least). I didn’t like the pull-through which seems to need some tugging, so if your hair is fragile and comes away easily, it’s not for you but that said, the thinner your hair, the easier and gentler it will probably be and that’s the type of hair that needs volume most. I’ve trawled through many on-line reviews of this tool and mostly, people absolutely love it – particularly the close root contact – so I’m prepared to accept that it’s probably me that’s just not very good at it. Maybe it’s the kind of tool that you need to have a eureka moment where everything just clicks and then it’s all plain sailing, but given that hasn’t happened to me, I think it’s only the right tool if you’re happy to learn as you go along and put the time in and remember that your hair needs to be completely tug free before you use it. I use my HotTools Brush & Dryer every time I wash my hair now because the results are bouncy and effortless sectioning into three parts each side so it’s quick – I dry first with a Dyson until my hair is just damp still and the whole thing is done in 15 minutes or less. I spent a lot longer several times with the Rise and struggled for consistency and anything more than a straight volume look – the curls were mad and I’d hoped for those trendy waves!

So, bottom line is that with time and effort, you will get the results you’re looking for and I have no doubt that you’ll speed up the more you practise, but the Rise isn’t the quick fix I was looking for personally. I am more than happy to put my hands up to being really not very good at it as I said – if it’s a similar thing to something you use already, you may fly immediately. It sparked a memory of when I was younger and would spend hours on my make up and hair and saw that as time very happily and well spent just lost in my own world of colours and brushes so perhaps the Rise is the perfect dressing table companion for those precious moments. It’s £169 HERE, non-affiliate link HERE.

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