[unpaid/purchase/affiliate/ad] I’ve waited almost a year since I started using the Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water for it to be available in the UK. I managed to get some back in March from the USA and instantly, instantly loved it. So much so that I’ve bought subsequent bottles, also sent from the States. It’s silicone free which makes the results all the more remarkable.

8 Second Wonder Water

This is my own bottle – I think my third, and I am very relieved that it’s now available here because my carbon footprint on this was bothering me. Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water is exactly as described in terms of ‘water’ – it’s very thin so don’t slosh it with abandon otherwise you will end up with too much. There’s a self-heating element (not needed for any conditioning effect, and in fact, when I first tested this, it was a warm day and I barely noticed it) but formulation wise, it’s the positioning of cationic surfactant and fatty structure before water on the INCI that give a double whammy conditioning effect. Most hair conditioners and shampoos start with water forming the highest positioned ingredient. ‘Lamellar’ in the product description refers to fine, alternating layers of different ingredients.

Anyway, the bottom line of this is the most soft and swishy hair imaginable – it’s an absolute revelation. 8 seconds is plenty for the weightless coating that gives you the best hair you’ve had in – maybe ever! Be really careful with the nozzle application – in fact, I don’t even apply with the nozzle any more because you end up using far more than you actually need. I’ve found it’s better to decant some into a small pot and tip it into you hands and apply like that. I think a much finer nozzle would solve that problem or even a misting applicator. I’ve only just thought of that and wondering if I have a mister I could use. Anyway, it’s HERE for £9.99 – a big recommend from me. Non-affiliate HERE. I notice that the blurb for Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water recommends it for long, damaged hair – I really don’t think that’s particularly the case – any hair except perhaps exceptionally short or exceptionally oily will see a good result.

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