The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

Now I understand why everyone is raving about the Body Shop Banana Conditioner – it’s fabulous! I’ve had such a problem with static hair over the past couple of weeks. Usually, static occurs when hair is very dry, combined with cold air and low humidity and what a pain it is! I bought a new sweater from Zara that was rather more synthetic than I was expecting and basically gave myself an electrical storm. The only thing to do with static is condition, condition, condition so it was a prime time to give this banana beauty a trial run. You can, by the way, counter static to a certain degree with dry shampoo or hairspray but this does tend to knock down any shine so you have a choice between dull hair that stays put temporarily or shiny hair that waves around like a sea anemone.

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner does smell very banana-ish but there is a little bit of a soapy backdrop. It’s also a curiously yellow grey colour rather than the bright yellow I thought it would be. Not that it matters. I left it on for about 5 minutes to get a more intensive condition while the banana smell wafted about although it is a daily conditioner so no need to do this unless you want to. After I’d blow dried, I still had a little bit of static but nothing like the horror from before and it settled down completely after an hour or so. Now, I know that there was more moisture in the air, which would have helped, but what this result tells me is that I got a thorough moisture boost which is exactly what I needed. I’m so impressed with it – if you hate bananas, it’s not for you, obviously, but it’s a double win if you do, and you’ve got hair that needs hydrating. It’s a snip at £6 HERE. I’m definitely on for trying the Banana mask as well.

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