[productsample/affiliatelink] This is a hard product to categorise – it works as an alternative to dry shampoo but if you’re a die-hard dry shampoo fan, I don’t think this will persuade you to the other side.

Aveda Rinseless Refresh Hair & Scalp Refresher

If you have coils, waves or curls you’re in a whole different hair territory where body and curl definition are important compared to people like me who spend all our time trying to keep hair straight! My hair is naturally curly but I don’t think I’ve let it dry naturally and curly for years – I can’t even remember the last time, actually. Rinseless Refresh is aimed at giving boost, body and hold so that your curls and waves stay precise for longer. The brand cites it as a ‘second day’ refresh and I totally see its use here – after you’ve slept on curls they’re never as perfect as actual wash day. I have given it a try on my scalp however, and it’s lovely and fresh – the feeling stayed for a while – but I don’t (hands up) understand the scalp cleanse aspect and why you’d need a cleaner scalp on the second day. I think some clearer instruction is needed from the brand.  I’d suggest you keep an eye out for reviews from people who have the texture that this is aimed at and not decision make around my review, but if you want to give it a go, however, I’ve found it with 20% off HERE which makes it £19.20 instead of £24.

It’s firmer ground with the new Heat Relief Thermal Protector and Conditioning Mist – I’ve been forgetting lately to add heat protection and then wondered why I was seeing breaks when I brush my hair. I love the smell of this – instantly fresh and clean and I didn’t find that the formula weighed my hair down at all. You can use it as a de-tangler and conditioner as well – it gave my hair ends a silky feel so I’d be happy using this both as a quick fix condition and as a protector. It has got rather a ‘botanical’ scent so you might want to try it in-store first before making a purchase. It’s £20.80 instead of £26 (which seems WAY expensive for 100ml anyway) HERE. Non affiliates HERE. 

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