I’ve been looking forward to trying this fragrance ever since I heard about it. Shay & Blue White Peaches* is just a blast of summer, full of fruity, juicy notes that are making me wish the winter away. Although fragrances tend to be complex in construction even if they smell quite simple, I really like a straight forward, un-challenging scent and if you put peaches on the bottle, I just want it to remind me of peaches. Happy to say, this is exactly what it smells of at first blast.

Shay & Blue White Peaches Fragrance

Before you start thinking of Body Shop or Avon in the peach-sphere, it’s really nowhere near in terms of sweetness. This feels like a sophisticated take on peach that’s met its perfect partner in elderflower. I love the taste of peaches although we almost never have them in the house because nothing makes me scream louder than peach skin (except apple peel and that’s a whole other story) and so thank god for nectarines. I could drink peach juice at competitive level but I can’t easily be in the same room as one. I don’t know why the white flesh versions of either are so much nicer than the yellow but they just are.

Shay & Blue White Peaches Fragrance

The cool, fruity notes are offset with a woody base (silver birch) that warms it up a little although you never lose the fruit for the wood. My favourites from Shay & Blue are Sicilian Limes and Blood Oranges followed not far behind by Watermelons – I’d love to see a gooseberry and something fragrance. If you like fruit notes, this brand is yours to discover. White Peaches has launched onto QVC for £49 HERE but they stock in M&S as well if you wait a while.

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