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There are multiple new fragrance launches on the go at the moment, so fragrance adventurers have the world to choose from. There has never been a better time to get scent curious. For myself, I prefer sweet florals or fresh citrus perfumes so it’s interesting to find interpretations of those in the new Miller Harris offerings.

Starting with Scherzo, above. I just keep thinking of Nicole Sherzinger – aka The Scherzy – I can’t help it even though I know it’s a musical term! This starts with zingy tangerine, opens out into a full bodied resinous rose and settled eventually on me to a predominantly narcissus and vanilla smoothness. It’s warming and kind of sexy in its way – creamy and maybe a little bit powdery and I think intriguing to those who like a fragrance that morphs over time.

Miller Harris

Gosh, Tender is so hard to describe. I wore it all yesterday and can certainly say that the last is exceptional – literally morning to night. Again, it’s multi-faceted and I found it changed radically from a fresh, tulip and hyacinth arrangement by moving down to something much darker and sweeter after a time. The brand describes this as ‘innocence melting away’ and I do really get that – it’s a good way to describe how it moves in nature. I expected, from the description, for the base to take over (it’s got amber, cedarwood, myhrr, patchouli and frankincense to name a few) but it’s so smooothly put together that it never quite does.

As with any fragrance, I’d always recommend that you spritz in store (or invest in the sample sets that some brands offer) and wait a day. These change more than most and I feel lucky that, particularly with Tender, I loved the transitions and I find them more exciting than other Miller Harris compositions, not least because their conception came from a literary brief to perfumers Mathieu Nardin and Bertrand Duchaufour. They were both given the same piece of text from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender Is The Night, and no other indicators or pointers on what the perfumes had to be.  So that same piece of writing inspired two very different scent experiences bonded together by being olfactorily shape shifty.

You can find them HERE and they’re £95 each.



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