Monotheme Pompelmo Eau de Toilette

Ignoring the fact that I’m looking out of the window at rain in July, this gorgeous EDT is bringing all the joy to my eyes with its vivid orange bottle.

I absolutely love citrus scents, so this is up my street on all levels – it’s not exactly a burst, but more a gentle trail of sparkling citrus that sits warmly on the skin.

I am vaguely aware of seeing Monotheme fragrances before (they’re stocked in M&S) but I feel that I haven’t paid it proper attention before. All the clues are there in the name – mono and theme – telling me that this is a brand that lets one note prevail. Which I love!

I find fragrance difficult to review because I can rarely pick out individual notes in a ‘blend’ and rather feel that even if ‘ashes of rainbow’ is there as in ingredient, if I can’t smell it, what’s the point! I can test a fragrance with maybe twenty different notes floating about and my nose can only pick one or two. Everything else is lost.

So, Monotheme – from Venice – is just perfect in concept for someone who doesn’t like a busy fragrance. The brand also has Lemon, Bergamot and Mandarin versions.

The scent is light (or perhaps I wasn’t generous enough with it) so you can afford to spritz away with abandon knowing that you’re not going to cause an olfactory accident. At the same time, it’s uplifting, positive and happy with a light floral trail on the finish.

This is a great find for me – and it’s £22 HERE. Which I think is hugely a bargain for a spritz of joy.

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