[productsample] There’s a huge amount of research and technology that goes into the ‘hand feel’ of fragrances – the way a perfume bottle feels in when you pick it up to apply it is a subliminal part of the experience. It’s the first thing I noticed about the bottle for the Mon Guerlain Intense – that it sits perfectly in my grasp with a reassuring weight and rounded facets on the bottle that make it feel immediately comfortable. If you stop to think about it for a moment, the ‘feel’ leaves a memory imprint that stays on your hand long after you’ve put the bottle down.

Mon Guerlain Intense

To want an intense version of the original Mon Guerlain, you have to be invested in the original 2017 fragrance in the first place unless you’re more intrigued by strength. It’s often worth waiting for the ‘intense’ versions of perfume because these days, they surely come, if you like more depth to your scent.

Mon Guerlain Intense

As a woody oriental, Mon Guerlain has a thread of vanilla to marry the notes – there are a lot of notes mind you (lavender, mandarin, rose, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood and musk to name a few) to bring this blend together and on that basis, I find it surprisingly light for an intense variant. The problem I have is that the vanilla is the note that keeps coming up to the surface and I’m just not really a vanilla fan (although I’ve mellowed to it over time) so it’s not going to be one for me. I see its appeal though – especially heading into autumn when those comfort notes are so alluring. It doesn’t launch until the end of the month and with Angela Jolie as the face, you’ll be seeing it everywhere!

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