[productsamples] I was at an event last week and a conversation around people not knowing how to look after their candles properly started. It, apparently, really does make a difference to adhere to some candle etiquette and let’s face it, they’re so damn expensive that anything that keeps them going longer and better has to be good. I asked Andrew Goetz at Malin + Goetz for his advice on candle care.

Most candles come with advice on the box or label, but I’m guilty of ignoring or not looking. The first burn is crucial though – you should ensure you have long enough for the full top of the candle to melt (approx 2-3hrs) as this avoids tunnelling. Tunnelling is where you get a dip in the centre of the candle – all the higher ground wax never gets burned and therefore you never get that portion of fragrance. Beware of extra large candles with one wick – they often can’t generate enough heat to melt the wax all the way across the jar. Remember to trim your wick after every burn or before re-lighting. Apart from reducing fire risk, it gives a cleaner, smoke-free burn (stopping the sides of the jar from discolouring) and helps to lengthen the life of your candle.

You shouldn’t burn your candle to the very, very bottom – you need to leave a fine layer of wax at the end. I’ve heard of glass breaking because of this so don’t take it to the bitter end. You can remove any residual wax once the candle is finished by pouring hot water into the vessel, if you want to keep it. I like to keep the small jars for little flowers in summer. Most candles shouldn’t be burned for too long – once the fragrance is in the room it will stay a while. A good tip, if you like the ambience of a candle, is to light a cheaper, unscented candle and still enjoy the fragrance from the scented one once its been blown out.

So, as a recap, pay attention to the first burn, trim your wick and don’t burn to the bitter end. Happy candling and thank you Andrew for your advice.

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