Jovoy Candles
Jovoy Candles

My goodness.. these Jovoy Candles are super-impressive! The box packaging, the glass bell jar and candles that burst with fragrance – if you like a properly posh candle, this is it.

Niche and exclusive fragrances are owning the scented world right now – people are more interested in being different with their perfumes; the consumer is asking for something different, for not the same ethol maltyl infused high street versions and they’re happy to make a spend on it. Harder to find fragrances that don’t sit in Boots or Superdrug are alluring and exciting – fragrance is very much a past-time, like fine wines, for many. Jovoy sits in the niche sector very nicely.. founded in 1923, the house had a revamp in 2006, debuting a new collection of their own, including candles, and sourcing fragrances never sold before in France.

Francois Henin, current Jovoy brand owner, is the first person I have heard to speak of ‘high perfumery’, elite extracts, rare and in small production numbers in specially created bottles. I imagine it’s a well known term in fragrance circles but it’s new to me – I can see high perfumery really catching fire in the next couple of years.  The entire concept of Jovoy is to create an intimate experience with fragrance – not to just walk in and choose a box. I should think you could have a happy time at the main store at 4, Rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris, simply discovering. 



It’s maybe easier to sample what we can get here – Jovoy fragrances are quite readily available (Harrods or Escentual) but the candles are more difficult to find. I sourced the Maron version to Roullier White (HERE), but the two new ones, Gardez Moi and Datcha I’ve yet to source. Briefly, Gardez Moi is a big and fulsome gardenia scent with touches of jasmine and tuberose. It’s heady and enveloping with sweet and musky notes. Datcha is more spicy – galbanum, cloves and spruce; it’s Christmassy without being too much so and has a resinous back-drop.

£70 is certainly the top end of what I’d personally be prepared to spend on a candle but these are very special, in both presentation and fragrance. I’ll do my best to get links and add them in. I’m going to savour every single waft of mine.


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