[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] For those who don’t celebrate Christmas or don’t like obvious associated fragrances, I think that the Jo Loves Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods A Lifestyle Fragrance strikes a good balance between being wintery and embracing while only hinting at festivities. My first impression of Jo Loves Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods is freshness – it’s a piquant spark of eucalyptus leaf that has pine connotations thanks to the cedar wood.

Jo Loves Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods A Lifestyle Fragrance

In its way, this is a bracing fragrance – a bit of outside without having to actually put yourself in the cold and sleet and I want to say it’s a ‘sharpener’. A spritz of this in the morning and you’ll be all ready for the cross-country ski session ;-). A Lifestyle Spray can be interpreted many ways although the Jo Loves website doesn’t really give any hints at quite how so mine will have to do. To me, it’s a room spray, a coat spritz (not your best suede jacket please) to keep you company on walks, a handbag ribbon, a linen freshener and a mood maker.

Jo Loves Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods A Lifestyle Fragrance

As you can see, there is a candle option too, which I haven’t yet dived into but I am enjoying (too much!) adding the best bits of winter to my sitting room. As with (almost) all Jo Loves fragrances, there is a citrus seam comprising grapefruit and a dot of vetiver which gives it the burst of freshness and the only real hint of ‘festive’ is a light smattering of incense. I’ll tell you what it reminded me of strongly – wreath making. I’ve done this a few times and it’s just that cold, green, berry shot nuance. I’ve used this on my skin – the dry down is woody and warm which makes me think it would be lovely on your sofa blanket. I should say that it’s quite light – which is either good or not so good – but if you’re looking for lasting, your option should be the candle or the Hand Wash, £38 HERE and is the please-all option. It does contain alcohol so please pick any fabrics you might want to spritz it onto with care; these are only my suggestions and I’m not surrounded by silk and leather. Jo Loves Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods is £40 HERE, and the candle is £55 HERE.

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