Jo Loves Body Spray

Remember when the Jo Loves perfume paint brush launched? These body sprays follow on the body-as-a-canvas theme with a nod to graffiti – tag yourself with lively fragrance notes. It’s pretty cool. Plus, hardly anyone makes a decent body spray these days… something I have written about before. In theory, a body spray should be a dilution of fragrance or an accessory to it rather than the main perfume event, but these are actually quite powerful and last pretty well, too. Fig is easily the most figgy fragrance I have come across – it’s green and fruity and, well, thoroughly figgish. The fig notes are set to a floral backdrop of citrus, white flowers and rose with a wood and amber base, but I doubt that you’ll notice them as the fig is so predominant.

Jo Loves Body Spray

Vetiver is more masculine in nature – it’s thoroughly unisex with a patchouli base to give it a little kick. The blend includes red berries, juniper berries, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, cumin and, of course, a blast of fresh vetiver. I can smell the juniper and the nutmeg but none of the other notes come forward for me. I am convinced one’s nose picks out the things it very much likes or very much dislikes so that’s what you always smell first. Perhaps with a longer wear, I’d get more. While there is no such thing as male and female fragrance any more (you should wear what you like and if you’ve never smelled a man wearing a deep and dark rose fragrance, you’re missing out) these would fall, by tradition, into distinct categories.

There are also Rose and Grapefruit variants (I’ve smelled the Grapefruit in store and it’s everything grapefruit!) and they’re a little easier on the purse than the fragrances at £40 each. I sort of have these sidelined for my sister but now I’m wavering over the fig – it’s really a treat. You can find them HERE.


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