[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] At last, a fragrance that’s not citrussy and not floral (bar a tiny splash of rose) but instead is full of rich woods and spice. I love citrus and I love floral but they’re not for all and yet they completely dominate the market so it’s refreshing to have something so different to tell you about.

GOUTAL Paris Folie d’Un Soir

And lord knows, I am weak for a pom-pom ;-). The inspiration behind this creation is the night that Annick decided to leave her life in France and start a new one on in London. It’s so strange because there is something of an adventurous air about it. It’s warm and smoky with amber and leather and while rose pokes its nose through so does something else that’s rather unexpected.

GOUTAL Paris Folie d’Un Soir

I don’t know many fragrances with cocoa as a note but here it is and you’ll find it wraps itself around the other notes in a very unobtrusive way. It’s present as a background interest and you almost have to seek it out but it brings a completeness to the juice so I can’t imagine it now without. Overall, GOUTAL Paris Folie d’Un Soir is woody, sweet but not in a frilly sense, leathery and warm. It’s a very feminine take on what are often perceived to be masculine notes and blended so softly that even if, like me, you aren’t a woody person, you’ll find something intriguing about this.

GOUTAL Paris Folie d’Un Soir

I really love the bottle – that amber graduation is just lovely and as you can see, when the light hits the bottle (which it shouldn’t of course) it creates its own sunburst. Definitely an exciting and different fragrance that reminds me of summer nights in a new place when you haven’t quite settled so your senses feel amplified but unfamiliarity. I’ve found it on Escentual for £82.80 (30ml) HERE.


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