[productsample] I pass the Floral Street store in Covent Garden very regularly and am always struck by how vibrant it looks. Weirdly, I’ve only been in once and felt a bit swooped upon so haven’t repeated the experience, but am happy to have their newest offering to review at home.

Floral Street Electric Rhubarb Fragrance

Presentation wise, I love it! I get a bit fed up with the minimalist fragrances – I get it that they’re all heading for unisex so it’s easier to be basic and non-committal but as a visual person, I like to have a graphic reference to give me an idea of what the fragrance represents. There’s a strand of yellow neon elastic around the box which signifies the ‘electric’ of this rhubarb blend and overall it’s just a joyful explosion of colour.

Floral Street Electric Rhubarb Fragrance

For me personally, the fragrance is too sweet. It’s more rhubarb and custard to begin with than freshly picked rhubarb leaves… I felt I could smell a lot of vanilla which isn’t actually listed as a note! My first impression was very much of a gourmande. If you give Electric Rhubarb a bit more time on the skin, it settles to a more jasmine oriented fragrance with a (sweet) fruity backdrop. The creaminess comes from gardenia and while the fragrance also contains frangipani I couldn’t pick it out. I think, perhaps because it changes so much from start to finish, I’d advise buying the £22 10ml version before the £58 50ml. You can find it HERE.


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