Firedance by Ruth Mastenbroek

Here is a very good example of why packaging is so important. I wanted to smell this the moment I took it out of the packaging based on looks alone. Previously, the bottles were rather characterless with nothing for the eyes to widen at. Small, niche fragrance brands are absolutely giving the bigger high street brands a run for their money right now – it’s a hugely growing sector as fragrance fans seek distinctive and different perfumes that feel personal and ‘theirs’. A look that excites is so important, because there are many, many niche fragrance brands now. So, with that box ticked, on to the fragrance!

Firedance by Ruth Mastenbroek

Firedance is very much a rose fragrance – but deep and intense. Forget wafty petal nuances – this is backed up with oudh, amber and patchouli so that it becomes dark and mysterious. It’s a big fragrance – you need the tiniest drop to be surrounded by scent – and it has a seam of leather running through it that is super sexy. There are many opposites going on here – lemon and apple top notes that should really have nothing to do with patchouli or leather but somehow get along very nicely. It’s a little bit powdery but also fierce – I think if you’re curious about and experimental with fragrance and like rose in all its guises, this is one for your collection.

At £90 for 50ml, if you’re hesitating, I suggest the 2ml sample for £5 is a good option. In theory I don’t think you should have to pay for sample phials any more than you should be expected to stump up for a spritz in store, but I think the system is very open to abuse and I can see why, for smaller brands, it’s cost prohibitive to send them out to all and sundry. You can find Firedance HERE.


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