[unpaid/sample] The words that came into my head after my first spritz of Escentric Molecule 01 + Mandarin were ‘neon’ and ‘electric’.  This is the most amplified, vibrant citrus fragrance I think I’ve ever come across because it really does replicate that juicily explosive moment of breaking into the peel of a mandarin when the sharpness and sweetness both hit at once, exacerbated by anticipation of the sweet and maybe sour thing you’re about to eat.

Escentric Molecule 01 + Mandarin

I thought perhaps that the Iso E Super molecule is what creates the instant gratification followed by a punchy anticipatory emotion – but in fact it’s more responsible for the warmness in the dry down that takes this almost impossible zest to a more fuzzy, sensual pleasure.  Don’t be surprised if you think you can taste mandarin after smelling it.

Escentric Molecule 01 + Mandarin

The fragrance story changes as you wear it but the zestiness stays a long time – the transformation isn’t by any means immediate. I prefer the initial vividness although I can see that smelling like a freshly peeled tangerine all day might not be for everyone, but eventually you notice it dissipating and transforming. For citrus fragrance lovers, this is going to be like catnip and then some. It’s currently on pre-order along with two other new fragrances from Escentric Molecule, Molecule 1 + Iris and Molecule 1 + Patchouli, neither of which I’ve tested yet because I’m finding it hard to say away from Mandarin. They’re £95 each HERE, shipping from 23rd March. I hope at some point there will be a sampler set. UPDATE: Thanks reader Elena for finding out that there IS a discover set – also on pre-order HERE.

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