Amouage Sassy Scented Candle
Amouage Sassy Scented Candle

I guess you might say that the Amouage Sassy Scented Candle is the anti-Christmas candle. It’s got sod all to do with pine cones and fir trees or cinammon and gingerbread, no reindeer on the packaging or sombre shades. Instead, it’s a colour burst of neon orange, pink and gold, with a blast of smoky florals.

There’s a tiny bit of incense and clove, which loosely connects it with this time of year, but apart from that, expect rose, elemi and sandalwood with vanilla, ambrox and habanolide (had to look it up – apparently, it has a metallic character that will remind you of hot-ironed linen which I think is pretty exciting (hope I didn’t iron it myself)). However, mostly what I get from it is a massive burst of floral with some woodsmoke just behind it.. and finally a tinge of incense. There’s something kaftany and Ab Fab about it although not so hilarious that it’s £60.

The Amouage Sassy Scented Candle looks the part; joyful and bright and I think you’d say the same of the fragrance. This is the first time I’ve ever had the remotest interest in the Amouage brand, but I definitely want to discover more. You can find the candle HERE. 


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