I’ve had a bit of a boots buying bonanza recently – my beloved Mou Boots which I’ve had for several years finally gave up the ghost so I invested in another pair. I say invest because they’re over £260 a pair HERE. Painful… but after Fitflop stopped making their tall Mukluks, I converted to Mou and have never worn any winter boots as much. They’ve got a (low) concealed wedge to just give that bit of elevation, and they’re sheepskin fleece on the inside. This is important to me because I get such cold feet (I’m often just sitting writing or editing pictures and added to that I have something called Cold Urticaria and it is quite literally painful if they get too cold). On a cost per wear, they’re not so bad but I did wince and if you suffer from cold feet or poor circulation, you will feel thankful for them. Style wise, they look great with jeans but not much else!

When my kids were still at school, the mums at the gate used to get super excited if Ecco had a sale and yet I could never quite see the pull. I did a comedy double take when I checked out the website to see how much they’ve changed. The brand very kindly sent me a pair of my choice and I am thrilled with them – not only are they really comfortable (from about wear 3 they felt like I’d had them forever) but these are now my ‘everything’ boots – jeans, trousers, dress (I only have a couple!) – they go with anything at all. The reason this pair (Shape Pointy Blocks) are so good is because of the slightly tapered toe – it makes them look like they’re much higher than they actually are and make my feet look more streamlined, elegant and narrow. The heel is a mid heel, but the front of the boot makes them look like a high heel. I’m literally never doing proper high heels again – I’m always in too much of a rush and haven’t forgotten a meeting last year when I tottered along in my very swanky, suede burgundy boots and had to stop in Primark to buy a pair of trainers to get home. I could go no further! These are reasonably priced at £130 HERE and the leather is lovely and soft.

I’ve photographed the Ecco Shape Pointy Blocks in the main pic along with a new top from Me & Em (erm, about my 5th of these in various styles, I think!) below. This look is very me – it’s exactly my style if I’m not at home in jeans and sweatshirt. Me & Em call these sleeveless tops ‘layering’ tops (£79 HERE) and they’re fabulous if you like a collar but not the strangulation of a shirt. I have the current Peter Pan Collar version (in the sale, £69 HERE) and now this understated ‘Victorian’ collar – they’re perfect for looking like you’ve made an effort and are wearing a full on fancy shirt when actually, they feel like soft t-shirts to wear (and don’t require nearly the effort to iron that a shirt does!). I put them under sweaters and sweatshirts to stop my neck feeling exposed.


I’m hugely a fan of wedge heels – I wear a lot of black skinny jeans and a black suede wedge with them makes my legs look far longer (and more slender) than they really are. Purely because the balance is different to heel boots, wedges are easier to wear and to walk in than free heels – they’re kind of my ‘go faster’ boots!

These are Prada Desert Boots and before you think I’m hanging out in Bond Street too much, I got them under half price for EU210! We were on a weekend break in Biarritz a few weeks ago and just happened to be there when they had a sort of sale festival – all the shops (even the posh ones) had stalls outside with everything half price like a street market. I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted these and I’ve worn them a lot already. I could also wear them with a floaty dress and big cardi I think (if I could find a floaty dress that doesn’t feel flammable!). Because they’re suede, they haven’t required any wear-in. So, because I can’t replicate this particular purchase (I have looked, I promise) I’ve had a scoot about for similar (found at John Lewis) and listed them below.

Geox Wedge Trainers

These Geox Trainers – except they’re not trainers.. the only thing you can train for in these is shopping – are the perfect sport-luxe boot at £120 HERE.

These are also Geox, £120 HERE. But – while I’ve been scooting about I’m noticing suede wedges are selling out (I’ve accidentally discovered a trend! The John Lewis pair I wanted to highlight have only two tiny sizes left – get onto Google if you’re a size 3!).

Also consider these Ash suede wedges (on sale at JL but not anywhere else, seemingly) reduced from £179 to £125 HERE making the line very fine between sport luxe and super sassy.



My favourite boots from last year (for going out) were black patents from Topshop – bought on a whim and unbelievably comfortable. Based on that surprising find and because they’re exactly the same shape, I’m going to urge you towards your inner extrovert to take a look at these bright pink suede boots – a mid-heel that I want immediately! They’re £75 HERE.

I’ve also had a huge shoe/boot cull – gone are the stilettos that I haven’t worn in nearly forever, gone are the Fitflop sandals that I wore so much they got slippy because the sole was worn away and gone are the leopard print boots which I liked so much at the time and now – no.

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